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Life patterns and behaviors can keep you stuck, professional coaching helps you move forward in your journey. 

What's your Quest?

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My name is Tyler Gum

I help determined men unchain themselves from unwanted patterns,  and reconnect with the man they're searching to be. The tools used to get there include implementing healthy boundaries, building powerful inner awareness, and cultivate fulfilling relationships. I meet men where they're at and help them engage powerfully in their life. My calling in life is to guide others to discover the truth of life and find purpose through joy. While working with men one on one, I facilitate men's groups and weekend retreats where they're given the chance to go deeper in their work.

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Unlock your personal potential and break through barriers with Men Unchained

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Men Unchained Coaching

Every single individual has patterns and behaviors that hold them or their families back. Men Unchained, run by Tyler, a coaching professional, is here to meet you where you are and help you in your new journey. Through expert advice and proactive coaching, you’ll soon be excelling with focus, commitment, and new found will, in a way you never thought possible. Men Unchained is here to help you unlock your true potential and take control of your life. Are you ready to break free of the chains that hold you back? Book a sample session today to find the change you’ve been seeking.

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Men Unchained Services

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"When I met Tyler I was already contending with the hard questions common to an early

Midlife crisis — What do I want? Who am I supposed to be in this world? What do I do now? And believe me, I’ve exhausted many counselors, therapists and life coaches—none of whom quite knew what to do with me, but Tyler was different.


He has a gift for understanding you deeply, a unique clarity for seeing your destination, and has a best in class arsenal of building blocks to help you forge a clear path there. 


To say that my life is now better is an understatement. While under Tyler’s custody of care, he helped light my path, he fought for my peace and he cared for my soul. I now have clarity and feel like I can confidently move my life forward. "

Jarrod, FL

Alexa Young, CA

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